So.......... I wrote a supposedly 3-minutes-long-to-wrote blog in June, then it turned out to a broken few sentence blog. It was not published correctly and whatever I wrote and images that I used was gone.

For the past few weeks, I have accomplished few small things on the side. First was that I transferred my domain name ( from ionos to AWS, then I also figured out why I wasn't able to apply for certificate via AWS's Certificate Manager in AWS. I have finally completed the Lenovo 330s laptop project; I've blog about it here.

I started video recording my kids, mostly my wife and I wanted to remember how they behave, or say silly things since they will only grow once, I will have another blog about how I store the videos with the most efficient way. Lastly, I finally I was abled to acquire a brand new Apple iMac 27in monitor with 5k display and the most recent Apple MacBook Pro with i9 processor 16in monitor and blah blah blah.

Back to my original subject, how did the blog post the way it did; the moment when I realized my blog was published without the full content, that is when I realized not to use work computer for blogging.

Holy Shit!~!
Photo by Adrian Swancar / Unsplash

My work computer has a lot of restrictions and limitations. Even you have all written out and shows up in the draft section, they are just in browser's cache, and that is what happened with that incomplete blog post.

So... just to elaborate what happened the past 4 weeks...

I have successfully transferred my domain to AWS, transferring was the easy part, first you will request to unlock the domain from your current provider then you acquire a code; a code that you will use later. Then you initiate the transfer from the new provider, in my case it was AWS. AWS will ask you for the unique code, the code you have from the previous provider; then you enter the code. AWS will confirm the transfer, and the transfer of your domain is completed at that point.

Amazon AWS DNS hosting
Photo by Daniel Eledut / Unsplash

My next task was getting the site working with both ionos and AWS, there were some configuration that needed to be done, I thought that if I added Type A (concludes the IP address that is from the web hosting company) to the DNS setting in AWS, then my job will be completed, but it was not that easy. Before that was done, I was also trying to setup the SSL for the website, I watched many YouTube videos on how people did it. But it was still NO-GO for me. Took me few hours and in few days to figure out what was my problem. I will have a blog about this.

Lastly, I was very happy about my hackintosh project was finally done. Thank goodness from the hackintosh community especially the ones from FaceBook hackintosh group. without them, I wouldn't know that I was using outdated iasl, to compile DSDT, no one from TonyMacx86 told me; everyone just referred you to Rehabman's original post. Upon this successful hackintosh build, I will do another blog on how I did it.

That's it, this past 4 weeks had some major success for my yearly goals, it's like completing small sprints (ie. Scrum methodology) on a project. I still have a lot to go, since it is agile, my life still need to move on, and it's already mid of July. I need to hurry up and move on to the next sprints.