I've researching on CMS systems, I start looking around since 2014ish, first I tried Wordpress and I thought was too commercial. So I thought Drupal is less commercial, at the time Drupal is version 7.

My feedback on Drupal is that it is also too complex for a CMS, in the admin menu, it's got tons of options. My feedback is all based on 7 and 8, I don't know about Drupal 9 but I can't think of any differ.

I think Drupal is making a CMS more complicate than it is already is.

The main place where you add content look like...

Then you have the text editor module, and you can switch between your text or full-blown html editing.

For Drupal, yes and no. You can pretty much have this a page then you add "block" to the content page. So, that way you can reuse your "block" at different locations.

Some of you may ask, what is a "Block" a block is like how your Div tag is used. tells the web browser where your content should locate.

So, what you see in the yellow is how your div tag in your html is shown in a web browser. When you add "blocks", the "block" will stay at where they at. won't go out of area.

You may think, okay, that's a good idea. But then the block is not located in the "Content" tag, they are located in "block" tag, and the content in block is not clear. Especially when you have module that is used in the block, you will have to modify that somewhere else.

my rant about hating Drupal can go on and on. And this is just the some of the frustration I am facing today, it maybe not frustrating to the experienced Drupal developers. It is because that's all they do, and they are used to it.