I started my web development career at around 2012/2013, given the time I am almost 10 years in the career. I've read/copied/modified/written countless codes, I always think to myself that I am not a G.O.A.T. in terms of software development, if I am. I think I wouldn't be working for someone, I would've being in a startup or some sort.

Since my job title named as .NET Developer, my job spend has been average one year term; losing a job is always my biggest fear. Toward the end of each contract that that I was in, I've been to countless interviews and my level of confident drops to the bottom. Since I was beat down by those technical questions, I always question about if the interviewee knows the question, what level of the coding experience they are at and if they were offered would they take the job?

Taxi for hire
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I've always believe in that no one knows everything, there are always somethings that you don't know. Either I didn't prepare enough or these interviewers are just expecting too much.

Fast forward to now, first time ever I received 2 offers. They are both identical job description, same pay, similar job location. One shows more managerial task then software development tasks, the other one shows more software development tasks and less managerial tasks. One shows more organized with technology since they have contractors, the other shows less contractors and more home grown intranet web applications. Lastly, one job offer was offered because their first choice didn't accept, and on boarding process took around 5 months from initial notice to notice to be on board. The other one was at first indicated not referred because of veteran status, then was contacted 5 months later and requested for an interview. After the interview, was notified selected within 2 weeks, then notified to request to be on-board within one week.

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At first glance, the first choice was obvious, it gives you the opportunity to do more task within managerial task and give you the opportunity to put 40% coding, 60% managerial task, the office does not need to transfer from metro stops. On the other hand, it felt like 70% coding and 30% admin/other tasks. However, they are finally going to spend money on technology in a sense make you feel like your will be working in a startup and you will need to wear many hats depending on what your task of the day is.

While both are great opportunities, when I first wanted to taste out the water with one and the decide on the 2nd offer. Then I was told that they wouldn't wait for me. So I declined the 2nd offer, and I was given a farewell party with co-leagues.

Nerf gun.
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My farewell party was nerf gun fights all day at the office; I was going to miss it.

On Monday I was getting ready for my virtual orientation, then I got a call from the HR saying that they can't start me because the transfer was not initiated, told me that it will have to wait for one more pay period. So, I turned off the computer, moved on with my day, then messaged my supervisor saying that I will have to wait for another pay period in order to start with the new office.

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On Tuesday I report to my old job and collected my badges back and work for another two weeks until next pay period. Wednesday, I received a call from the hiring manager, they wanted to know why I declined the offer.

So I expressed how I eventually I want to advance in my career and that I thought that the first opportunity would help me achieve that eventually, then they expressed how perfect candidate that I was to them, and mentioned that this position is eventually to be covert the position where I want my next level to be.

This is my thought, after rejecting to a job offer, the employers are usually just going to move on to the next candidate or repost the job posting. But this one was different, the hiring manager called and asked about what happened and that made me change my mind.

After I got off the phone with the hiring manager, I reached out my HR and ask about if I can still change my decision on which company to join. At the end, few hours later, I was told that it was doable. Therefore, I started my transfer after I affirm the decision.

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Now I am on my way to a new venture, and I hope that I will be able perform what they expect of me.

All these things happened totally reminded me of a quote... a quote that I live by every day.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

— Marilyn Monroe