While I am still not able to complete my Lenovo 330s Hackintosh, I am already look into building other Hackintosh machine.

I am a broke-man, with making less then $100k as an experienced software developer supporting family of 4, my income is just not enough to expand my hobby toys. AMD is a surging CPU company led by Lisa Su, their chip-set is always cheaper than lintel's CPU. So building an AMD Hackintosh has became a reality since the recent years.

There are many techie YouTubers post their videos on how they build their AMD Hackintosh, and their feedback. I have yet to watch them all, but I will. And this time, I will make sure I watch enough videos and do enough readings on forums before I pull the trigger and start building my AMD Hackintosh.

Right now I've purchased a used mATX computer case for $50 with $7 shipping. So my cost on this build is $57 so far. I find this tutorial for AMD Hackintosh very easy to understand, and seems like as long as you fellow the steps, you will be able to build your AMD Hackintosh easily.

Brandon Yen's YouTube video how he build his AMD hackintosh