2020 has been a crazy year. The COVID19 happened toward the end of the 2019, then the virus spread worldwide, until March, America finally to decided to do something about it. Since then, a lot of sad thing happened, the most recent big death is the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg; fortunately not because of COVID19 but she is just too old. RIP RBG.

November 3rd is around the corner, the progressive democrats has been waiting for this day for so long. This is the day that they can possibly take over the throne.

The virus is still flowing around, flowing means "airborne", the CDC finally confirmed it is spread by airborne. The health experts from Asia already said that it is spread by airborne back in March, and America finally confirmed in September time? Anyway, while they are still in some host(human), they will have the opportunity to transmit the "LOVE" to another person. Until no more infected host, the virus will continue to live on. and because of it, many people are doing mailing ballot to keep their vote count and skip the crowd.

Election mail envelopes with face masks
Photo by Tiffany Tertipes / Unsplash

I finally casted my vote, but I didn't do the mailing ballot, because for whatever reason, my request for mailing ballot never came. I already know who and what I am voting for, I decided to vote early. So I also dragged my wife with me to go vote, on the way to the early voting poll she asks me who should I vote for?

"You vote to whoever you think is the right person."I replied.

"But I don't think both are any better." She said.

So, I told her that you can vote for Mickey Mouse, Tony Stark, just handwrite it. If you don't like both candidates. But at least vote for our local bills, because those will be more impact to us.

"Oh~ right.." She quietly agreed.

Photo by Parker Johnson / Unsplash

Personally, I would like to believe both parties are trying to make America great, they are both going to be influenced by different things or people. In America when there is the freedom of speech, there will be different voice, and you can't please EVERYBODY, but you can vote, if you vote, your opinion is heard and to whomever you voted for and if they acquires the throne, they will start to work for you. Then if they doing a bad job, they will eventually be fired, before you know it. If they do well, then you can pad yourself on the shoulder and say "Good job." So... Like Barack once said, "Don't boo. Vote."

Elections in China - Wikipedia

I vote because it is my privilege, I vote because it is my civil duty as a citizen. I vote because this is the greatest United States of America. Don't boo, Vote.