You started googling around for any online sellers that sells a Nintendo Switch console, You went to Target, BestBuy, Amazon etc... they are all sold out everywhere. Just when you start to use google shopping, you've noticed a site is showing you that it is available to purchases. shows you they are selling it for $249.99

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When you see something 9 out of 10 time; it's too good to be true, it is too good to be true. So with my skeptical mindset, I started to do a quick search on the site. First I google for the site and see if they are legit the results

google search result on site

on top 2 were and, first I clicked on glyphosatetaskforce site, then it gave me multiple site forwarding, immidately I closed the browser to avoid any Javascript running on my machine; on the footnote, please use a VM or some-sort to adventuring to unknown websites, you'll never know what kind of script is beneath the site and your ID would be exposed.

Then I checked out, it showed some information from the site and then, I was more interested in their final say about if the site was legit. and their conclusion is the site is "Not Legit".

smoothcreationsonline site response on legit

Then I also did some digging, I've found that the website was only launched on June 15 2020, it is less then 1 month old from today; and it is registered in China. Who trusts China these days?

icannn on 411

You maybe can trust the site, and it does look legit, it's got SSL, but having a SSL is not that hard these days. It also got Paypal, which you maybe able to be protected from your credit card. However, your will be risking credit card, and your name and your address exposed to the Chinese.

--Edit again 07-10-2020 1540 EST--

Here is another site that looks identical but different name.

another site sells nintendo switch for $249.99

Look at the site footer, says it's been in business since 2009...

I don't know about you, I wouldn't risk it for saving $50 and the availability on getting a Nintendo Switch.

Just my 2cents.

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