Buy Hilton Honors point and get it match with 100%.

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Is it worth it? According to many travel reward experts, The Hilton Honor Points only worth 0.5 cents per point, that means each honors point give you 0.5 cents.

Right now Hilton Honors point allows you to buy 40,000 points for $400.00 but you also get additional 40,000 points. So, for $400; you get 80,000 points.

If you were going to Las Vegas, NV, you can book it for $74.00 per night and 35,000 honors points. With this calculation, you only get $0.02 cents per point.

hilton points reward for las vegashilton cash price for las vegas

However, if you pick another destination, maybe Honolulu, Hawaii. You will find Hilton Honors Point worth a bit more. Based on the same date on my query 07/08/2019 to 07/15/2019, the cents to points ratio is $0.046 cent almost $0.05 cents per points.

hilton honors point required at hilton wakiki beachcash required at hilton wakiki beach hotel

What's my verdict?

I think it is worth owning Hilton Honors Point, because you never know when you will be needing it, who knows one day your points can worth more than $0.05 cent per point. These points system changes from time to time, and sometimes, your Hilton Honors Points might worth more than other competitor's points.

The offer expires in few days 07/04/2019, click -> BUY HILTON HONORS POINT

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