It been 7 or 8 years since I moved. I had no idea how much junk that I or my wife had cumulated. I was allowed to pack a lot of my household items, but I know that foreign country's home style aren't like the America.

So, the wife and I have decided to move only our whole master bedroom, the office furniture, living-room's lovesac section sofas, and some kitchen supplies. Mostly we packed our cloths, alcohol, kids' room's mattress and bed frame kids' clothes, dry food, that's all that I can remember.

Junk shop in Tel Aviv
Photo by Beth Macdonald / Unsplash

My moving experience so far was not so great, I was expecting a crew of packing crew that were supposed to help us pack. But instead they lied to us about they are coming back to pack, I was so afraid that the pick up crew will just not do the moving. Instead they brought their crews and packed on the same day for us. I was so relieved. Because my wife and I were packing the whole weekend thinking that the moving crew will just reschedule.

A nice pile of junk
Photo by Lance Grandahl / Unsplash

The whole weekend, wife and I had probably less than 4 hours of sleep each evening. Monday morning, I got a call from the pick up crew, and express how tired I am, and how much stuffs are still needed to be packed. the gentleman over the phone told me that he will take care of it as much as possible.

When he showed up with his crew, I was relieved.

They had at least 6 to 7 crews doing packing and moving. one crew for each room, then when one crew is ready and done, they move on to another room to help out the other crew.

They showed up around 10AM, and finished around 6PM.

Bottom line, when your company is hiring companies to do the move for you, you make sure you let them do the job. Don't stress yourself out because of it.