If you have been following my blog, at the time of writing this post, no one.. lol...

Anyway, I am a budget person. In everything that I do, I need do it in a budget, since all of my income contributes to my family.

For the longest time, I was evaluating on web hosting that will fulfill my need. I don't want a general Wordpress based web hosting, many companies offers cheap hosting but they do not offer admin or root privilege access. Also, if I wanted to use a MS Windows server, the hosting price becomes 5x more than a Linux based web server. For that reason I decided to learn about Linux and CMS that is used on Linux.

Photo by Micheile Henderson / Unsplash

There are so many web hosting sites that offers web hosting for cheap, but when it comes to cheap there are also limitation. I am just going to show top 2 google search result when I search for web hosting.

Bluehost and GoDaddy.

Bluehost web-hosting price chart as of Dec. 2020

This is Bluehost

GoDaddy web-hosting price chart as of Dec. 2020


Granted. This is blog post was prepared September 2021. It never got published, because I was either having a brain fart, or time with the family/person took over this blogging site. – 03/28/2022