The title itself sounds scary, many of us are forced to stay home in order to stop the spread of this novel coronavirus. For me, I've been staying home since end March of 2020; my family and I practice physical distancing whenever I am out for grocery shopping.

This coronavirus is no joke, it spreads undetected. When you are infected you won't know until you feel it and it can be in your body for 14 days, during that 14 days you are also spreading the virus to others; imagine how the virus can spread. This is why NYC is off the chart.

Our office did not allow us to work from home until end of March while others are starting at beginning to mid of March. This coming Friday our governor has lifted the stay-at-home order. Based on the data that he reviews everyday, he thinks Maryland has pass the peak. I hope that he is right.

I have not been able to feel comfortable to go outside until this week.