I am a broke man and loves Apple product; I've been eyeing on how to do a hackintosh. After watching this YouTube Video;

without too much of research. I went ahead and bought the very same laptop as the it was used in video.

I bought the laptop from Bestbuy open box condition for around $210, then went on eBay and bought a used BCM94352Z WiFi/Bluetooth card around $40. Total investment was around $250 with a help of a friend whom he gave me a 8gb ddr4 memory for free and I didn't upgrade the HDD so I have 128gb original SSD from Lenovo; otherwise my cost basis would've been around $280 tops. The video that he indicated that he bought the laptop for $279, what  he didn't include was he had to purchase the WiFi card, the memory stick in order to make that laptop 98% fully functional hackintosh, based on his spec, I would guess he spent another $100 to $150 if not more for those upgrades.

I believe that many of viewers without any hackintosh experience would probably go a head and purchase the laptop and hoping that they can do the same.

Based on Snazzy Lab's link, and I also reached out for help of other users in the community to convert this Lenovo 330s to a hackintosh. My Instagram post is here,

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My first #hackintosh

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because my iMac at home is currently on High Sierra, I couldn't make a bootable USB for my hackintosh. So my first successful load was on high sierra OS, then I used the spec of my new hackintosh to upgrade to Catalina instead of Mojave; thinking how different would it be from Mojave to Catalina.

Then, I read more posts on how to make everything work, I quickly realized that I needed to do a lot more (newb mistake). I still have to do patching on DSDT on my own in order to make my hackintosh function like a mac.

Right now, I still have not learned about how to patch DSDT, and my laptop's status right now is that it doesn't recognize battery's status, and because it doesn't know the battery's status, the sleep, close lid function are not working and trackpad doesn't work.

I will need to spent my spare time to read about how to patch in order to make this work. When I do, I will post another post on how I did it. Hopefully soon... since I wanted to do more AWS certificates, learn a new language(probably Spanish), learn about .NET Core, do more vlog on YouTube and write this blog.. How do I have more than 24 hours a day???