Work From Home

2020 May 16, 2020

For the first time in a long time, my work finally allowed me to work from home during this 2019 pandemic.

This week our governor has lift our shelter-in-place order on Friday, and counties executives of MD will decide on their own. Where I live, we have around 7000 confirmed; where I work around 670 confirmed, but the neighboring county and city together, the total count confirmed is also around 7000.

While people in the area don't give a crap about getting infected, I do. I practice "extreme" physical distancing, anywhere I go. I don't take this virus lightly. I don't get why people think it is just a type of crazy flu, the little that they know the rate of how it spreads is way more than a regular flu, and the percentage of how it kills people is also way higher.

I really hope that my work continues to allow us to work from home until confirm rate is lower and everyone is cautious on hygiene.

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